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Get to know our products.

Each of them contains the finest active an
dnourishing ingredients for a beautiful look and complex skin care.


skin care



  • a wide colour range for every skin tone
  • long-lasting effect with no need for touch-ups

Pressed powders:

  • perfect as a make-up-finish as well as for touch-ups
  • very light and almost invisible on the skin

Loose powders:

  • silky soft formulation with a matte or highlight finish
  • a long-lasting effect

Pressed and liquid

  • extra silky, weightless and ultra-smooth
  • liquid formula with pearl dust to give a shiny and dazzling effect


  • with long-lasting formulas for a natural sun-tan effect
  • high precision in modeling the contours of the face


  • make the face look youthful, slimmer, and bright, and the cheekbones more enhanced
  • a long-lasting effect with no need for touch-ups

Tinted creams:

  • nourishment, anti-oxidation, and protection for all skin types
  • perfect coverage and a naturally glowing skin effect


  • delicate, liquid consistency, dedicated to the skin under the eyes
  • perfectly remove from the face all signs of the fatigue


  • a unique combination of a skincare product and a make-up base
  • adequate for all kinds of foundations


  • available from transparent, through half-satin to the strong covering mate ones
  • intensive, long-lasting colours

Liquid lipsticks:

  • light formula with extremely intense colours
  • easy to apply on the lips

Lip glosses:

  • with a glitter effect
  • make all the lips shine

Lip balms:

  • available with or without a smooth colour
  • protect lips from sun

Lip lacquers:

  • extremely intensive colours
  • a long-lasting effect

Pressed eyeshadows:

  • smooth texture, high pigmentation level, and wide range of colours
  • for a day as well as night make-up


  • a high resistant volume up effect
  • easy to apply due to soft waxes based formulations


  • loose and pearl formulation
  • for a dazzling make-up finish

Eyeshadow primers:

  • easy to spread and mat the eyelid
  • make every make-up last longer

Creamy eyeshadows:

  • soft and creamy formulas
  • make every eyelid dazzle


  • one-of-a-kind make-up products
  • emphasise every look

eyebrow products:

  • for the perfectly enhanced eyebrows
  • long-lasting, waterproof formulas

Face serum:

  • an important, preliminary stage of a proper make-up
  • should not be missed in any makeup bag

Face oils:

  • for the basic daily skincare
  • enhance the effect of other cosmetics

Lip scrubs:

  • make lips feel smooth, soft, and rejuvenated
  • perfect as a pre-make-up preparation

skin care

Facial care creams

  • wide selection of face creams, eye creams, and face masks
  • a holistic range of specifications, such as moisturising, anti-wrinkle, day or night creams, etc.

Body care

  • wide range of body lotions and body butter
    comprehensive moisturising, hydrating, conditioning, and protective effect

Body Mist:

  • for face and body care
  • available also with a detoxifying effect

Face Serum:

  • an exceptionally rich set of active ingredients for a maximum care effect
  • a holistic range of specifications, such as lifting, anti-wrinkle, regenerative, moisturising, etc.

Eyebrow and eyelash products:

  • natural conditioners & serums
  • for the thickened and well-nourished eyebrows and eyelashes effect

Make-up removers:

  • quickly eliminate all the impurities
  • facial hygiene with comfort effect

Hand creams:

  • for intense nourishment, regeneration, and protection of hand skin
  • also strengthen the nails

Hair oils:

  • dedicated to all hair types
  • nourishing or moisturising effect

Please note, this is only the basic offer.
Our laboratory is ready to prepare cosmetics according to even the most complex requirements, including colours, characteristics, and formulations.
Challenges are definitely part of the beauty of our work.

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