Our services

We are perfectionists, that is why we take care of the smallest detail by testing our products at every stage of their production.

We are involved in every phase of the production process. By choosing our products, from product components to final products, you can be sure that only the highest quality active ingredients have been used in their production.

What is more, an unlimited range of colours and the highest quality of products puts us in the forefront of Polish companies manufacturing colour cosmetics.

What does working with us look like?

We will accompany you throughout the entire process from beginning to end. Making use of the vast experience of our technologists and taking the current trends into consideration, we will prepare or extend the formulas, choose the ideal packaging and work out the project for you, so that the whole undertaking reflects the uniqueness of the product. We will take care of the production and deliver the final products to you.

What do you gain by choosing to work with us?

We follow current trends on the cosmetics market to always be able to offer you the latest and truly unique solutions. Tell us what you are looking for and we will prepare the best choice of cosmetics tailored to your needs.


Many years of experience supported by success in the industry


Professionalism and creativity


State-of-the-art product and technology solutions

Professional service

Advice and professional service


Perfectionism in every detail